Smart Phones

Cool New Cases – iPhone X and Galaxy S9

So you are now the proud owner of the brand, spanking new iPhone X, or the Galaxy S9…wait, did we just put those two devices in the same sentence? Here at T2BN, we’re not here to take sides. We love all things new. Whichever your preference, we can all agree on one thing – you’re going to need a new Phone Case. […]

Cool Gadgets

Night Runners – Cool Gear to Keep You Safe

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, running in the dark has its challenges. Our field of vision isn’t the best before sunrise or past sunset. The good news is, plenty of companies have come forward to help fix this for us. Here’s my personal culled list of items for my fellow night runners… […]

Wearable Tech

7 Best Fitness Trackers 2018

These days you can find trackers that calculate the difference between walking, running, biking, swimming and many activities in between. with so many varieties out there, choosing one can be about as challenging. At T2BN, we like a good challenge, so here’s our round up for 7 specific areas of our choice, some of which you may not find in other standard reviews… […]

Cool Gadgets

Checklist to College – Dorm Essentials

-SLH Lifestyle Editor:  While the heat of summer is still going strong, the thought of back to school may seem far away. But with many colleges starting in several weeks, now is the time to […]