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So you are now the proud owner of the brand, spanking new iPhone X, or the Galaxy S9…wait, did we just put those two devices in the same sentence? Here at T2BN, we’re not here to take sides. We love all things new. But as is the way of things, getting the latest & greatest is not without consequence. Whichever your preference, we can all agree on one thing – you’re going to need a new Phone Case.

Once upon a time, phone cases were like socks – you needed one, you bought one. It was usually a solid color, not terribly interesting, and once you put it on, it pretty much stayed on for the life of your phone. Oh, how times have changed! Fast forward to today and now cases are…well, actually they’re still a lot like socks these days. You’ve got colors in every spectrum of the rainbow, lifestyle options like shatterproof, waterproof, sleek vs grippy, and designs galore. People can choose the perfect case, or more often, case(s), that fit their job type, personality, fashion sense, super-fandom, passions and much more.

So which case is best for your latest acquisition? In the spirit of bi-partisanship, we’re including our favorites including both options (where possible). And if you see one (or two) that you like here, we’ve included some links where you can purchase.

STRICTLY BUSINESS – Otterbox Defender Series for Iphone X & Galaxy S9

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone X and Galaxy S9

Why Buy It : You just got an iPhone X (or Max or XR) or Galaxy S9 (or 9 Note) and you’re not looking to have anything happen to your baby anytime soon. Protection is your priority, because you know that at any moment it could be accidentally dropped onto concrete, into mud, or a snow drift, or a volcano, or maybe even a Sharknado (JK on the last two, seriously there is NO case out there that will protect your phone from a volcano, and to my knowledge the only thing that survives a Sharknado is Ian Ziering ). It could be your job requires a serious case or it could be that you know Murphy’s Law was written just for you.

Price : $50 – $70

Pros : Multi-layer defense of hard inner shell and outer slipcover of polycarbonate (inner) and synthetic rubber (outer). Port covers prevent dust and dirt from clogging jacks & ports. Holster functions as belt clip and hands-free kickstand. Screenless coverage allows for full screen view.

Cons : No additional waterproof protection for your phone.

Key Specs : Comes in 19 color options. 1.9 oz weight. 4.8″ by 2.7″.

SPORTS FAN – Fanatics Dual Hybrid Series for iPhone X & Galaxy S9

Fanatics Dual Hybrid Series for iPhone X and Galaxy S9

Why Buy It : You take as much pride in your team as you do the comfort of keeping your new X or S9 shatterfree. When it comes to team choice, Fanatics has you covered with hundreds of team options from NFL, College, MLB, NBA, NHL, Nascar, Soccer, even Olympics. Oh, and they are officially licensed to sell these products, so you can buy with as much pride and confidence as you have on game day. The Dual Hybrid series has an impact resistant hard inner shell with a 100% Silicone soft outside shell that feels super comfortable and grippy in your hand -great for when you’re waving it around shouting in the stands or just at your TV.

Price : $15 – $25.00

Pros : Solid body with team logo, stamps and official colors. Easy access to all ports, amps and buttons.

Cons : Buttons are covered but ports aren’t, so no pocket lint protection.

Key Specs : Shell 100% TPU, Lining 100% Silicone. Surface Washable.


STATUS SYMBOL – Dolce & Gabbana Crown Logo iPhone X CaseIncipio – Carnaby Esquire Series Galaxy S9 Case

Dolce & Gabbana Crown Logo iPhone X Case

Why Buy It : Fit for a King, the D&G heritage crown motif sits above the Fashion House’e trademark Milan branded logo. Sleek, handsome, it speaks elite fluently.

Price : $211.00

Pros : Pebbled leather texture helps grip. Classic black perfect for business. Easy access to all ports, amps and buttons.

Cons : No button covers so there is exposure to elements. Not waterproof. Leather cleaning only.

Key Specs : Leather exterior. Plastic inner lining. 3.9 oz weight.

Incipio – Carnaby Esquire Series Galaxy S9 Case

Why Buy It : If you are into Technology, then you know Incipio. They are to Samsung what Speck is to Apple. This premium tech brand specializes in top of the line accessories. The Esquire series for Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note combines drool-worthy looks with shock-absorbing drop protection. Still moderately priced, theirs is a brand on the rise…and isn’t that the point of true tech-lovers – to always be ahead of the curve?

Price : $35.00

Pros : 6 feet shock-absorbing drop protection. Smooth tweeded fabric back with bar metal detail. Button protection. Raised edge protects bezeled infinity edge. Black camera ring prevents photo discoloration

Cons : Not waterproof. Hand clean with water and mild soap

Key Specs : TPE material construction. 2.8 oz weight.


GAME ON! – The God of All Gundam Case for iPhone XNintendo GameBoy Pocket Classic Galaxy S9 Case

The God of All Gundam Case by DesignByHumans for iPhone X

Why Buy It : The Godfather of all Anime Giant Robot series, showing this case off is a sign to all that your game is Strong. While anime fans and video gamers recognize instantly this guy, even non-gamers will probably recall Gundam’s “Most Awesome Cameo Ever” in the movie Ready Player One. Go Big or Go Home.

Price : $35.00

Pros : Ultra-slim impact resistant case that covers back and sides. Lay-flat feature protects the front of your device. And…well, who secretly doesn’t want to pilot a super awesome giant robot that can take on Godzilla…just sayin’

Cons : This case will keep your phone from nicks & dings but may not protect it from drops on especially hard surfaces like concrete. Upgrade another 5 bucks to the Tough version and you get better peace of mind, provided the drop isn’t more than 3 or 4 feet.

Key Specs : Re-enforced plastic. 1.9 oz weight.

Nintendo GameBoy Pocket Classic Galaxy S9 Case

Why Buy It : Instantly recognizable and very retro-cool.

Price : $25.00

Pros : One-piece clip on. Slim and lightweight. Impact resistant. Compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging.

Cons : Not grippy, so can be a little slippery in the hand.

Key Specs : Super light 0.5 oz weight. 100% impact resistant ploycarbonate shell. Easy clip on/off.


PAY IT FORWARD – iPhone X Yo Rescue Tough CasePela – Save The Waves Samsung S9 Eco-Friendly Case

iPhone X Yo Rescue Tough Case by Phone Cases To The Rescue

Why Buy It : There are plenty of sites out there that sell “charity-inspired” phone cases. Nothing wrong with that, but finding sites that ACTUALLY support the cause itself can be frustratingly rare, especially with newer phone models. Definitely NOT the case with this case. The ‘Phone Cases To The Rescue’ site does exactly what it means. A portion of each sale goes to several organizations of animal shelters and rescue groups. See here for the most current list.

Price : $24.99

Pros : Ultra tough, impact-resistant plastic with flexible rubber liner to absorb shocks and bumps. Lay-flat bezel protects screen. Slim profile. Easy access to all ports and controls.

Cons : If you don’t like dogs and are not into charity…seriously? Get it anyway…come on.

Key Specs : Impact resistant plastic (outer) with rubber liner (inner). Open port and controls access. Sleek profile. 1.9 oz weight.

Pela – Save The Waves Samsung S9 Eco-Friendly Case

Why Buy It : There is an old saying that “You don’t inherit the planet from your parents, you borrow it from your children”. It was this motto that inspired Pela to become one of the leaders in creating 100% compostable phone cases. But just because they’re zero waste, doesn’t mean these cases are flimsy. Well insulated and tested to protect against shock, drops and bounce they can go head to head against any traditional impact-resistant plastic case. Our favorite is the newest release in partnership with the Save The Waves foundation. 5% of each case sold is donated directly to that organization, while an additional 1% of the companies total annual sales goes toward clean water and clean ocean initiatives. Talk about a conversation starter.

Price : $39.00

Pros : Lightweight and smooth but flexible. 100% compostable plant-based material. Easy access to buttons and controls. Lay-flat front protects screen.

Cons : Color choices are solid with textured flecks only, so designs are simple. Also lighter colors can stain over time.

Key Specs : Impact-resistant. 100% plant based material. 1.8 oz weight.


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